Willow Tree statistics

Willow Tree has cared for nearly 3,000 children since opening in
January 2011. The average age of a child served at Willow Tree is 6
and the most common case is child sexual abuse.

Our Services

Located in downtown Green Bay, Wisc., the Willow Tree Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center provides services to children who are suspected victims of abuse or neglect. Willow Tree is a safe, comfortable facility where children can discuss the abuse in a nonthreatening, compassionate, and child-friendly environment.


The center brings together a team of specially trained professionals who evaluate and investigate cases of child abuse and provide advocacy and support services for children and their families.


Upon Arrival:

When a child comes to Willow Tree, he or she is welcomed by a team member who will take time to get to know the child and their family. We understand that abuse may be a difficult topic to discuss, and our staff will do whatever we can to help families through this difficult time.


Depending on the circumstances, the child may be asked to complete a video-recorded interview about the suspected abuse and/or undergo a medical evaluation.


A team of professionals will work with the child and family during and after their visit to Willow Tree. All team members have special training working with children and families in crisis. Professionals involved with the family may include Medical providers, Social Workers, Police Officers and Advocates.


Child Interview:

During the video-recorded interview, the child will speak with a professional trained to speak with kids about abuse. This interview is recorded so that the child will only have to speak about the abuse once. To help the child from becoming distracted, parents are not allowed in the interview room.


When the interview is finished, the recording will be used by law enforcement and the district attorney’s office as a part of the child abuse investigation.


Medical Evaluation:

Medical team members at Willow Tree are experts in identifying child abuse and/or neglect as well as conditions that look like child abuse but may not be. If a medical evaluation is recommended, a member of the medical team will work with the family to get their child’s medical history. Once this is complete, our nurse practitioner will perform a gentle head-to-toe check-up of the child to look for signs of abuse. If signs of abuse are seen or suspected, further examination may be recommended.


After the Visit:

At the end of the appointment, the family will meet with team members to discuss the child’s appointment, get resources, ask questions, and learn more about what will happen next.


For more information on any of these services, contact us at 920-436-8881 or visit our staff page for a staff directory.